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Be well and be more you

Welcome to Grubby Halo Acupuncture located in the heart of Lincoln Park on the corner of Clark and Diversey -where street parking options abound.  

Our patients love the way our acupuncture relieves their joint and muscle pain.   Your orthopedic issues are our specialty.

Our patients delight in the way our acupuncture reduces the invasiveness of stress on their bodies, their sleep, and their fertility.  

We add extra modalities like tui na massage and cupping to our acupuncture to maximize the relief and alignment potential of every treatment.  


Kyle Walsh, L.Ac.

Kyle Walsh is a board certified acupuncturist.  Kyle learned to become a careful listener as a counselor, a cultivator of healthy energy through chen tai chi, and a healer through a never ending education.  His acupuncture philosophy blends the east for the mind and the west for the body.   If you speak Portuguese, he can do that too.  If you live a plant based life, wouldn't you know it, so does he. But whatever you do and whoever you are you are welcome in Kyle's clinic, and so is your willing attitude.




"I had a wonderful experience here and will definitely be going back.  The session not only helped ease my anxiety and neck pain, but was very informative on what I could do at home.  Thanks again."- C.A.

"When I left, I felt like I had been in a healing tent. My neck and jaw tension were completely alleviated. My other chronic body pains were substantially improved." - S.V.

"Calming, Comfortable, Caring, Kyle DELIVERS! 5-stars +!!! Community sessions are super, but the private sessions add the sugar on top! Recommended by a friend, and I shall continue the trend. ADDICTED!!! Says an awful lot about a business that thrives on unsolicited referrals. Kyle: you found your calling." -S. F.